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Martial Arts Referee & Rating System of Arizona

AZ MARRS has been rating Arizona open martial art tournaments since 1992.

Many national champions have come to Arizona to compete in MARRS rated events and MARRS has seen many local competitors go on to be nationally rated competitors.

Our Goals

AZ MARRS goals are to have fun, safe and competitive tournaments for martial artist of all ages and ranks.

We do this by offering help to the tournament promoter so their event will run smoothly, fairly and on-time.

We hope that each competitor, win or lose, will go home gaining something from their experience at each tournament.

Point Structure

Points are awarded as follows:

5 Star Event - 1st Place=100 - 2nd Place=80 - 3rd Place=60 - 4th Place=40

4 Star Event - 1st Place=80 - 2nd Place=60 - 3rd Place=40 - 4th Place=20

3 Star Event - 1st Place=60 - 2nd Place=40 - 3rd Place=20 - 4th Place=10

2 Star Event - 1st Place=40 - 2nd Place=20 - 3rd Place=10

1 Star Event - 1st Place=20 - 2nd Place=10 - 3rd Place=5