Upcoming AZMARRS Rated Events 

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When “Paying Online" print receipt/ticket with QR Code or download on phone with QR code to enter event.  DO NOT fax or mail when paying on line, you will get billed twice.

For information on any of the below Tournaments. Please contact the tournament promoter.

Please Contact Us to get more information about any of these upcoming events or if you wish to add an item to our schedule.

AZMARRS Season Kick-Off  3/20/21  
This is the 13th year for this AZMARRS event. We are excited to bring it to you the competitor.
Registration link under the flyers. COVID Rules: Only 2 spectators per competitor.  Please arrive together.  Masks (not face shield) must be worn to enter the building.  They must also stay on while in the building for spectator and competitors.  Competitors must were a mask while competing.  Masks must cover the nose and mount.  Failure to wear a mask will result in ejection from the building. (NO REFUNDS).  

Please don't let your political or personal beliefs stop you from competing with us.