Upcoming AZMARRS Rated Events 

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When “Paying Online" print receipt must have printed ticket with signed waiver at the door.  DO NOT fax or mail when paying on line, you will get billed twice.

For information on any of the below Tournaments. Please contact the tournament promoter.


 AZMARRS 2019 State Champion  1/25/2020  (3:00 PM - 6:00 PM) 

Competitors must qualify to compete in this event. To qualify you must be rated in the TOP 5 on the AZMARRS 2019 ratings.
Advanced & Black Belts must also have a minimum of 2 AZMARRS tournaments competed in during the year.
How to find out if you are in the Top 5: Go to any division and count down 5 people. If you are in the first 5 names or if you tie with the 5th person, you are in the Top 5.
Competitors rated in the top 5 in just one event may compete in all events.
Competitors compete in the order of their ratings. Highest rated sparer will be 1st to get a bye if one. Weapons/forms compete lowest to highest points.
There is only one place in each division at this Grand Champion event and that is State Champ. Those winners will receive an embroidered belt with their name on it.
Compete with AZMARRS in 2019 and you can be State Champ!
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  • UTK Rules in all divisions
  • 2 points for kicks, 1 point for punches
  • 2 min. matches or 7 point spread
  • No Groin!
  • Under belt divisions no face contact, touch to the head gear only, light to the body
Musical, Weapons & Forms
  • 2 min. time limit
  • No sharp weapons
  • No Introduction of any type!
  • All competitors must be in full uniform
  • Only 1st place in each division
  • Only competitors of a running division in the ring area
  • Must compete at your current rank. This may not be what you're rated in Must compete in the age division of your age on 12/31/19
  • Most importantly—Have Fun!

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AZMARRS Season Kick-Off  2/1/20  
This is the 12th year for this AZMARRS event. We are excited to bring it to you the competitor.
2019 AZMARRS Season Kick-Off Grand Champions

Jr. Black Belt Weapons: Csasie Scrima 
Jr. Black Belt Forms: Emme Velasco 
Adult Black Belt Forms/Weapons: Riley Callahan 
Adult Black Belt Women Point Sparring: Sarah Collins  
Adult Black Belt Men Point Sparring: Vincent Trouchio

Please Contact Us to get more information about any of these upcoming events or if you wish to add an item to our schedule.

AZMARRS Open Karate Tournament  2/29/2020   
2018 GrandChamps -

Jr. Weapons - Abulhasan Mohsin
Jr. Forms - Emme Velasco
Adult Weapons/Forms – Jordon "Edge" DePalma
Adult Men Sparring – Alex Armstrong
Adult Women Sparring – Lexi Dixon 
VSN  5/16/2020 

VSN 2019 GrandChamps
Jr. Black Belt Weapons/Forms: David Mincks
Adult Black Belt WeaponsForms: Corey Williams 
Adult Black Belt Women Sparring: Callie Gregory 
Adult Black Belt Men Sparring: Corey Williams



Black Belt Only Karate Tournament  7/18/20  (10:00 AM) 

2019 Grand Champions:

Youth Weapons: Braven Velasco
Adult Weapons/Forms: Jake Tangeman 
Youth Forms: Louis Velasco 
Men's Sparring: Jake Tangeman 

For more information please E-mail


Desert Storm  8/22/20  (9:30 AM - 4:00 PM)

Desert Storm Rated 5 star by AZMARRS.

This is a FREE event! Yes, FREE! You must pre-register and pay $25 only, for 1 - 6 events. After you compete the $25.00 is fully refunded.

The location for this event Highland Jr. High!

Desert Storm is one of oldest running karate tournaments in AZ. Desert Storm held it's 1st event in 1991 and every year since then.

2019 GrandChamps -

Jr. Weapons – David Mincks
Jr. Forms – Christopher Conover
Adult Weapons – Mary Koch
Adult Forms – Corey Williams
Adult Men Sparring – Corey Williams
Adult Women Sparring – Lexi Dixon

Only online registration is offered for this event a $5.00 banking/registration fee is charged and non refundable.


Gold Valley Open - November 23, 2019

The H.E.A.T. Open  Date and Time TBA 

2017 GrandChamps -

Jr. Weapons/Forms - Victoria Jaydon
Adult Weapons/Forms – Ezekiel Hand
Adult Men Sparring – Jake Tangeman
Adult Women Sparring – Austin Chester


When Paying Online, please follow the following steps to make the event easy and smooth upon arrival:

-Print receipt & registration form. (Please E-mail for registration form)

-Fill out registration form and bring BOTH with you to the event. (We do need the top information box filled out, and the signature at the bottom)

-DO NOT fax or mail when paying online.