All Forms:

  • 2 minute max time from entering the ring to end of the form
  • No introduction of any type to begin form is allowed - bow to judges and begin
  • No prompts to be used

Musical Forms:

  • Music must be used
  • Traditional to extreme moves allowed
  • No weapons
  • Competitor is judges on the from going with the music as much as the Martial Art skill level 

Traditional Forms:

  • No gymnastic moves or passes of any kind
  • No tricking
  • Jumps and spins are allowed as long as they go with your tradition 
  • Tricking or gymnastics = disqualification 

Open Forms:

  • Must trick or gymnastic type moves
  • Not performing tricks or gymnastics = disqualification 

All Sparring:

  • Martial Arts pants and 3/4 sleeve top must be worn
  • Foot, Rib, Hand, Head Gear required (foam dipped)
  • Mouth guard required
  • Groin protection for all males
  • Any two "official warning" = -1 point, each warning after is -1 point
  • Official warning = contact rules, out of bounds, illegal target, falling
  • Unofficial warning is when the Center Judge just wants to explain to a competitor
  • 2 points for kicks - 1 point for punches

Point Sparring:

  • 2 minute round or first to 7 points
  • If a tie at 2 minutes - sudden death, next point wins
  • Target areas are above the waist like an upside down T - side to side and chest - the entire head is a target area
  • Contact to the body must be made
  • Under black belts contact to the head gear is allowed - no contact to the face.  However a controlled non contact to the head or face which demonstrates contact could have been made may score a point.
  • Black Belts contact to the head and face allowed
  • All contact is touch - heavy, hard, malicious, intent to hurt contact may result is warnings, negative points or disqualification  

Continuous Sparring:

  • Two 45 second rounds
  • Competitor with the most points wins
  • If a tie the Center Official determines a winner by who they felt controlled the match
  • 2 side judges with score clickers in hand will watch 1 (one) competitor and click for each point at the end of 45 seconds the judges will switch competitors.  This making it fair.  Total points are added from both rounds
  • Continuous does not = full contact.  Same contact rules as point sparring.
  • Competitor must stop after a 5 continuous moves and reset
  • Failure to reset may result in - points
  • Center Official only breaks the match for safety, out of bounds, warnings or to control the match