Problems with Points

We at MARRS understand that sometimes the rating can be wrong. This happens due to human error. With so many people handling the ratings at the event and then it getting to our office to be totaled, there can be names spelled wrong, competitors put in the wrong division and so on.

We want to help you have your points in the right place.

If you find any errors please don't hesitate to E-mail our office at and we will help you in anyway that we can.


We want your tournament experience to be fun!

If you have questions on how the rules work for weapons, forms or sparring please send us an E-mail to with your question so we can answer it the best we can and help you understand the world of sport karate.

Even if you have a concern about how the tournaments are run, we want to hear form you. MARRS is for ever growing and does so with listening to the competitors and working together to make each event better for you.

Remember we are here for all the competitors no matter rank, style or school.